DATA Network Wiring
Cat5e- Plenum & Non-Plenum Twisted Pair
Supports 100 Mbps. Networks.
Cat6- Plenum & Non-Plenum Twisted Pair
Supports 1,000 Mbps. Networks.
Fiber- Single and Multi-Mode, Supports
10+ GB/s Tranfer Rates.

PHONE Network Wiring
Cat5e- Plenum & Non-Plenum Twisted Pair
Supports 100 Mbps. Networks.
As the Owner of Wired SOLutions, I have over 12 years
of experience designing and installing Data and Phone
Networks. We specialize in Cat5e, Cat6, RG6, RG59 and
Fiber Optic cabling. From single story buildings to multi-story
applications with multiple Communication Closets.

We also specialize in Equipment Rack and Netshelter installation, Wall-Mounted Enclosures, Computers and LCD Screens of and size. It is important to us that your install look as clean and professional as possible so our wiring is done internal as opposed to a visible tangle of wires as much as possible.

It is our duty as a company to give you the professional
installation you are paying for.
Wired SOLutions
4927 Cypress Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Steve Beck (owner)
Phone: (910) 670-8322
SERVICES- Equipment Installation WHATS NEW!
This service covers a variety of equipment installations.

Wall Mount Racks- Patch Panels, Switches, UPS
NetShelters- Patch Panels, Switches, UPS, Servers, etc.
Computers- Wall Mount options, under desk, etc.
LCD Screens- Wall Mount, Swing-Arm, Ceiling Mount, etc.
Cameras/Projectors- Wall or Ceiling Mount per MFG Specs.

Basically if you can dream it up we can make it happen. We welcome new ideas and challenges. It is our chance to be innovative in the public market place.
Please call for our FREE Onsite Consultation. With this service it enables us to give you the best possible application for your networking needs and give you the most cost effective price to meet your needs and not break your budget.

We do not use generic parts or equipment. Price is important but so is the quality of your wiring and network parts. Skemp out now and pay more later. There is always an affordable quality middle ground that can be found.

Warranty- all our work carries a 1yr. defect warranty.
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